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A bit of kit shopping

Next weekend we are off camping (yes in February!!) in the North Downs (just South of Godalming) to get some training walks in and to get some practice camping light. I don’t have any OS maps of the area, so I decided to “nip” into a local outdoor shop to pick a few up. I should have known better – an hour later and my wallet feeling considerably lighter, I left the shop with a huge bag filled with goodies.

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Help needed in choosing a hiking / backpacking tent

I don’t really know very much about tents – I have owned three over the years, but they were all pretty much impulse buys.

I know even less about backpacking / hiking / expedition tents – I am assuming that being light and compact is important, but beyond that I haven’t got a clue!

Hopefully that is where you come in! This is an open invitation for suggestions and recommendations on what hiking tent I should get for Offa’s Dyke.

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Sorbothane double strike replacement insoles – the solution to sore feet?

Once my body had adjusted to the amount of walking I have started doing since Christmas, I can just about walk 20 miles or so without feeling too much discomfort in my limbs, muscles etc. The same cannot be said about my feet however – after 10 miles or so the heels and ball areas of my feet start to become uncomfortable, and after 15 miles complete agony.

So, after a bit of research on the internet (see this topic on the rambler forum, and this post on the Outdoor Scotland Blog), I decided to buy a pair of Sorbothane double strike replacement insoles.

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