Offa’s Dyke Equipment List

Just before Christmas I took the opportunity to have a look around a few outdoor and camping stores to put together a rough list of equipment that I would need for Offa’s Dyke in April.

I don’t think the list is particularly comprehensive – it was more a list of things that caught my eye, but if you can spot anything missing let me know!

Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest Mattress

I used my list to give my friends and family a rough idea of possible Christmas gifts, and fortunately I have obviously been good this year, as Santa brought me quite a few items:

  • Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest Mattress – Hopefully the ideal balance between comfort (and warmth) and weight. I had a look at the self-inflating versions, but I don’t think I can justify the extra weight, and the RidgeRest seems like it should be comfortable enough for me.
  • Sea To Summit eVENT Compression Dry Sacks – In two sizes – should hopefully help reduce the space my clothing will take up as well as keeping it all dry.
  • Berghaus Raincover – to keep my rucksack dry in the worst case scenario of it pouring rain every day!
  • Peter Storm StormTech Gaiters – some people find gaiters really useful and other people don’t seem to get them. Personally I don’t particularly like them, but I cannot deny that they can help keep your feet dry – a must when you are walking for 12 days solid!
  • Peter Storm StormTech Waterproof Trousers – a replacement for my worn and leaky Halfords ones.

Chris' North Face tadpole tent he has kindly offered to lend to me

After hearing about my tent saga just before Christmas on Twitter, Chris (@fergycool), obviously filled with Christmas cheer, has kindly offered to lend me his 2-man North Face Tadpole for the next few months! Thanks a lot Chris – it is much appreciated!

Over the next few months I hope to review as many of these items as I can!

So what does that leave?

  • Backpack – I am not really sure what size I might need. Too small and I won’t be able to fit everything I need, too large and the temptation is to try and take too much. I quite liked the look of the Vango range – the 40+8l Stealth range (although perhaps a little ultralite), and the 60+10l/65l Contour range. A friend on Facebook has offered to lend me his army style backpack, although I don’t know how big it is yet!
  • Charging Kit – We will have about seven devices to keep charged up over the 12 days (five mobile phones, a netbook and an MP3 player). To an extent we can cheat and rely on my parents (in the support vehicle staying at bnbs) to get some of the devices charged, as well as friendly pubs, but part of me would really like to try and keep the main phone (with Viewranger) running on wind/solar power alone!
  • First Aid & blister care kit – I already have a first aid kit, but it could do with a refresh, and some kind of blister care kit will be a must!Primus EtaPackLite
  • Cooker – At the moment my preferred camping stove is the Primus EtaPackLite (mainly due to the Countryfile magazine review in July), however I am starting to think it might be a little advanced for my requirements. I do quite like the idea of a solution which includes the pans as well – and low gas usage is pretty important.
  • Insoles – I am still not sure how convinced I am by my Sorbothane double strike replacement insoles, and I am starting to run out of time to find and test a replacement. They do seem to work, but they do take a few walks for your muscles to get used to them.
  • Clothing – I need quite a lot of clothing: base layers, walking tops, walking trousers and walking socks.
  • Other camping equipment – just a few bits and bobs like cutlery, head torch, roll up water carrier, etc.

So lots more equipment to source – time to hit the sales!

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  1. Hi Phil,
    You have a cool adventure ahead of you. Some great kit there. I think you are right to look at the smaller bag but I would go for a better back system over lightweight. Ideally your pack will get lighter over the course of the trip. Take all your kit to an outdoor shop in a liner and see what’s right. The decent back system will help you balance and save your legs.

    I think you are making a mistake with not going for a self inflating mattress. A 3/4 ultra lite means you will sleep through the night. you do not need full length. A full nights sleep will be worth the extra few oz’s and mean you start each day afresh. They are warmer and mean you can pitch your tent on stones if you have to.

    As far as head torches go i swear by this one.. A great bit of kit.

    Your cook set looks great. I would ensure you test boil a few times with food you are likely to eat to make sure you are not going to pack too little or too much food. Try to take predicted altitude into consideration with your times.

    Ortileb do a great water carriers but I find the one for your drinking water that may well sit in your back system should be enough.

    Other Stuff:

    Thermal leggings if too warm for the day are great to sleep in. Combined with a silk liner and you can be toasty in only a 2 season super compact sleeping bag.

    Zip lock bags for tech and so you can place your solar panel on the top of your pack if it is not water proof.

    A leatherman, although heavy i find is better than a swiss army unless you have decent pliers on the swiss army knife. (Great pan holder)

    Decent first aid kit with blister kit.

    I could go on.. I’m not good at traveling light as I always have too much tech. I can travel with just a bumbag in places like Africa but where I have to take food and shelter.. I like comfort.. Good luck! It’s going to be an adventure and a half.. 🙂
    .-= Documentally´s last blog ..The Chauffeur For The Beatles =-.

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