A bit of kit shopping

Next weekend we are off camping (yes in February!!) in the North Downs (just South of Godalming) to get some training walks in and to get some practice camping light. I don’t have any OS maps of the area, so I decided to “nip” into a local outdoor shop to pick a few up. I should have known better – an hour later and my wallet feeling considerably lighter, I left the shop with a huge bag filled with goodies.


You would at least think I would come out with the one thing I went in the shop to buy… sadly they didn’t have the maps I needed (although bizarrely they had more Dorking & Box Hill maps than anything else!)

Well at least Amazon have fairly cheap maps!


After the disappointment of not finding the maps I needed, I spotted that a lot of the clothing was on sale. I only really have one set of decent walking clothes so, unless I plan to really smell on Offa’s Dyke, I do need a few more items.

What caught my eye was:


I have worn glasses for my entire adult life – I used to have a pair of quite good wrap-around prescription sunglasses that I used for walking but I lost them about five years ago (after the tent saga, you will probably not be surprised to hear it involved beer and public transport).  Unfortunately my eyes require thick lenses, and I haven’t been able to find an optician since willing to try and make wrap-around lenses (the side bits become very very thick).

This was a situation that was driving me up the wall so, about a month ago, I started a contact lenses trial in the hope I would be able to get sunglasses in time for Offa’s Dyke. I couldn’t resist having a look at what sunglasses the shop had, and before I knew it, I had fallen in love with a pair of Julbo Bivouak Matt Black sunglasses (they are sort of meant for snow / ice, but who cares!)

Sleeping Bag Liner

Camping in April is potentially going to be quite chilly, let alone camping next weekend!

Follow the recommendation of both @documentally and @LittleWideWorld (both on Twitter), I have bought a Sea to Summit Silk Standard Travel Liner which the pack claims will increAase warmth by upto 5 degrees.

The liner actual solves several problems – I hate sleeping bags, and unless it is very cold, I tend to use them more as a duvet so I don’t feel so trapped. Hopefully the liner will give me a bit extra warmth without having to zip the sleeping bag completely up, and the extra warmth in very cold conditions with the sleeping bag zipped up.

Other Camping Accessories

I also picked up a few other bits and pieces:

I just can’t wait to get out and use all this equipment now!

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