(Hopefully) The end of the tent saga!

It would seem that the curse involving me and tents is (hopefully) over – I have, safe in my possession, The North Face Tadpole 23 kindly leant to me by @fergycool.

I was originally supposed to be using the Tadpole tent donated by a good friend who was emigrating – however I foolishly left it on the train whilst returning from London (and have heard nothing from baggage reclaim since!).

It still wasn’t plain sailing collecting this tent mind – I had only been travelling for about 10 minutes (by car this time) when someone decided to drive their Volvo into the back of me whilst I stopped at a pedestrian crossing (you know – to let some pedestrians cross!). The bumper is pretty smashed up, and the boot dented!

Hopefully that is the end of my tent bad luck now!

The tent seems perfect – after having a  look around @fergycool‘s  lovely house, garden and garden office, we put the tent up – it seems easy and quick to put up, has just the right amount of space for the dog and I, and packs down very light and small.

I can’t wait for next weekend to test it out now! (well other than the cold anyway!)

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