Keeping motivated whilst hiking for 13 days

I have never walked more than two days in a row, and the biggest non-physical problem I can see is staying motivated.

Like it or not we will ache, we will have blisters, we will be tired, we will sometimes be miserable – but if we stay motivated then we can still keep going!

There are four key ways I think we can stay motivated (and you can help with at least three of them).

1) Remember why we are doing it

Ultimately we are doing this challenge to raise money for MS Society.

At the time of writing we have raised £1943 (over £2400 including gift aid) before we have even stepped foot on Offa’s Dyke – that is a huge mandate to keep going!

Of course you can help reinforce that mandate by continuing to donate – every “Someone’s made a donation” email will be a huge boost to us, and will help us put up with the rain (& snow?)!

2) Interaction (virtually)

Ever since I came up with this challenge, I have wanted to have some way of making our walk interactive, so I have put together a special web page which lets you see live (well almost live – it updates every 10 minutes) how we are getting on each day, as well as any photos, tweets and audio logs that have been uploaded.

I have also setup our @offasdyke4ms twitter account so that any replies get texted to us (your replies will also appear on our route map) – so every reply (and RT) you send, we will read! We will also be regularly checking our Facebook accounts, so please comment or like our posts. Knowing that people are following what we are up to will really help us get up those hills!

3) Interaction (real life)

Of course you can’t beat meeting face to face, so if you live locally we would love to meet up with you and say hi – you can view our schedule here. Seeing friendly faces is always motivating!

You are also more than welcome to join us for any part of the walk!

4) Beer

Well you have got to look forward to something at the end of each day!

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