All powered up with Powertraveller powermonkeys

There is one fundamental problem with modern “Social Hiking 2.0” is battery power – on a single device you have gps switched on, you are navigating using Viewranger (which is also updating your position online and updating the position of your Viewranger buddies on your phone), you are also sending, reading and replying to Tweets, uploading photos, reading and responding to Facebook comments and updating your blog.

All this leaves your average phone dead by the end of the day (by teatime if it is a touchscreen phone) – and that is where Powertraveller’s excellent portable power device the powermonkey comes in!
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Online route mapping and social media whilst hiking – sharing the adventure!

Although I love the peace and tranquility of hiking around Britain, I also really enjoy sharing the experience online via social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

For Offa’s Dyke however, I really wanted to do something special to let friends, family and other interested parties, feel part in our adventure.

So I created this: – this example shows our 17 mile walk in the Surrey Hills. This post explains what the app does and how, fairly non-technically, it works.

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Importance of foot care whilst hiking

Our weekend camping and walking in the Surrey Hills gave us the opportunity to make sure we have the right equipment for Offa’s Dyke (now just over a month away), and to see how physically prepared we are.

Equipment-wise we have done quite well – there are a few little tweaks, but in general we have everything we need. The one key learning point for me though is the importance of caring for your feet when hiking for multiple days in a row.

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