How to follow our progress on Offa’s Dyke

After over a year of planning and training, we are about to start our challenge to walk the 177 mile Offa’s Dyke trail – we are currently at Chester Services, about an hour or so from the start in Prestatyn.

There are several ways you can follow our progress, keep updated with how we are getting on, and interact with us as we walk.

Live Updating Map

You can find our live updating map at – the map will initially load with our progress for the current day (it automatically updates), but you can select previous routes from the drop down on the right hand side.

The page also has our latest tweets, photos and audioboos – both around the sides and on the map itself!


Everything we get up to will be posted to our twitter account: offasdyke4ms. You don’t need an account to follow our “tweets”, but you will need one if you wish to reply.

Alex will also be tweeting from his account: winkysmileyface.

All our replies are texted to us – so they will be read and will help us keep motivated during the walk! We will try to reply to as many as possible as we are going on.


Unfortunately the Facebook Group is quite hard to update remotely, but both Alex and I have linked our twitter accounts to appear on our personal Facebook pages – we will try and catch up with comments during breaks!


Every couple of days the plan is to do a short blog post updating you on our progress!


It is still not too late to donate – every “You have a new donation” email will really help us keep going in the rain and wind!

2 Replies to “How to follow our progress on Offa’s Dyke”

  1. Hi Phil and Alex

    Am logging on each evening (save for day one) and following with interest. You’re now at Llangollen – but I couldn’t pick up todays’s verbal report although did see the photographs. You haven’t mentioned weather but photos today told it all. You look like you’re on schedule. Well done – keep it going. Regards to Mum and Dad – Robin

  2. Hi Robin,

    I hope you enjoyed following along – sorry I haven’t been able to reply sooner, but I had technical problems being able to comment on the blog whilst we were walking, but I was able to see your comments.

    We only did a couple of audio reports in the end – a combination of tech problems and me not liking the sound of my own voice!

    The weather throughout was absolutely amazing – only a few hours of rain in total!

    There will be full write up on the website soon.

    Many thanks,


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