The Offa’s Dyke Daily Coin Toss

When I came up with the idea of the Offa’s Dyke coin toss, a simple way to decide who would carry the slightly heavier share of the joint equipment, I really did not expect the level of interest (and sympathy) it later generated on Twitter!

The concept was simple…

When we made the decision to take a single tent to share – we had to decide who would carry it. To make it as quick as possible to pitch, the tent broken down into three parts – the fabric part (inner and outer attached together), the pegs (lightweight titanium ones) and the poles. We also had a joint stove (including pot), a gas canister, and a few other bits (tiny pot of washing up liquid etc).

This could be split into two loads – the fabric part of the tent (about 2kg) and everything else (about 1.5kg). I didn’t really like the idea of just taking it in turns – one of us would bound to feel hard done by! So I decided that we should take it in turns to choose and flip a coin to decide the heavier load bearer- surely it would work out about 50/50 ?

Day 1 – I won

Day 2 – I won

Day 3 –  I won

Day 4 – I won

Day 5 –  I won: Hmm 5 days won in a row so far – Alex was starting to be unimpressed: Settled into morning routine,get up,wash,dress,breakfast,lose the coin toss,carry the heavy bag.Set off.”

Day 6 – I won

Day 7 –  Alex finally won his first coin toss, but his luck didn’t last…

Day 8 – I won: “Considering today is the hardest day, quite pleased @winkysmileyface lost the coin toss. He sees it differently.”

Day 9 – I won

Day 10 – I won. By this point accusations were flying around that I have a “special” coin which is why I keep on winning! “It’s rigged I tell you, it’s rigged.” (@Pete_Knight)

Day 11 – Alex finally won again!

Day 12 – Alex won.

Day 13

Day 13 was our longest day, so we decided to try something a bit special… this audio file explains more about the coin toss on the final day and features a re-enactment of the final Offa’s Dyke coin toss!

That gives me a 77% success rate – so glad we didn’t just take it in turns 🙂

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