Supporting IE6 (or not) is not about you!

IE6 is an outdated, non-standards compliant, and unsecure browser that is the bane of web designers and developers lives.

Spurred on by campaigns like .net’s “Bring Down IE6”, many website builders now do not support IE6, but the problem is that deciding to support IE6, or not, should not be about the designer/developer, or even the client, but about the end user.

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Thank you for helping us support the MS Society

Since Alex and I completed our challenge two months ago to hike Offa’s Dyke in aid of MS Society – things have been pretty hectic. Dropping back into normality was surprisingly difficult and, along with my health scare, has meant tying up loose ends has progressed slowly.

Well – I have finally finished collating all the cash and cheques we received..

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It is not size that counts…

During the build up to Offa’s Dyke, Phil Turner (@Lightw8Outdoors) was very helpful with advice on how to lighten our backpacks (I think he was horrified how heavy they were going to be!)

In the end we managed to get our backpacks down to a non-horrific weight, about 15kg each – but this is how the master does it:

TGO Challenge 2010 – Unpacking from Phil Turner on Vimeo.

Phil has threaten to spend a weekend with me at some point to show me the ways of the light backpacker and to try and sway me from my “comfy camping” ways! I look forward to it!

You can find out more about Phil’s TGO Challenge 2010 (crossing Scotland coast to coast in 11 days) on his blog:

Review of Gweryd Lakes Campsite

Gweryd Lakes is set in the middle of The Clywdian Hills – an Area of Outstanding Natural, and is perfect for walkers doing Offa’s Dyke (splitting up the section between Bodfari and Llangollen nicely, with easy access via bridleways / footpaths off Offa’s Dyke both from the North and the South).

Clywdian Hills is predominately for fishing, with four lakes filled with carp – however it’s wonderful picturesque and remote location makes it a tranquil stop-off point if you are walking Offa’s Dyke.

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Review of Brasher Supalite II GTX Walking Boots [updated]

Having a good, well worn in, pair of boots is pretty damn important when it comes to hiking – let alone attempting a 13 day, 185 mile, epic hike across the hills and valleys of the Wales / England border.

The Brasher Supalite II GTX Walking Boots were ideal boots for Offa’s Dyke – they are comfortable and lightweight, but are still water proof and offer sufficient support. They are available from White and Bishops for £111 (they are also available for Women)

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