Aquapac Test

How best to test a waterproof phone case than to record your phone getting dunked in a pond!

I am pretty tough on my mobile phones – since I got back into hiking again about four years ago, my phones are used in all weathers to navigate (using ViewRanger), take photos and access the web. Not surprisingly the first phone, a Nokia N95, died due to water damage. I currently have an HTC Hero – a great phone but impossible to use when the screen is wet.

To solve this problem (and to stop my phone getting trashed), I decided to get an Aquapac – a completely waterproof mobile phone case. The key features are:

  • Window in rear for photos / video
  • Tough material which is resistant to tearing, UV and temperature
  • Touch screen can be used as normal
  • You can still make and take calls through the case
  • Neck cord and carabiner included
  • Its guaranteed submersible to 15 feet (5 metres)
  • Keeps mud, dust and sand out

I have been dying to test out the case since it arrived, but unfortunately it has been quite mild weather (and I have gone out for a long hike in ages). So instead I decided to test it in a dirty pond live whilst filming from my phone:

Unfortunately the video cuts out at the end, but I am pleased to report that my phone was completely dry!

I bought my Aquapac direct from their website for £20 + p&p

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