My favourite outdoor blog posts this week!

Recently I have been reading more and more outdoor-related blogs, and have come across a number of really enjoyable posts. This got me thinking that it might be useful to share some of what I have read, so each week I will be picking out my favourite blog posts to share with you!

As this is a new feature, I am cheating slightly by including a couple of posts that I read previous to this week…. (but you forgive me right!)

The Lightweight Outdoors Guide to Layering

Blog: Lightweight OutdoorsPublished: 28th Jan 2011 | On Twitter: @philoutdoors

When I was younger, I was told about the basics of layer – have lots of thin layers you can take off or put on! Since then, I have refined my approach slightly, but it is still pretty basic – I tend to walk with a base layer, a walking top, a thin fleece and a water proof jacket, and switch around accordingly.

In this post, Phil has a video demonstrating his modular layering system (designed for rain soaked Scotland) – I found it really interesting and it really got me thinking about how I can improve the system I use (and perhaps more importantly the kit I have).

You can read the post at: (the video is embedded below)


Many Trees Make A Forest

Blog: Hiking In FinlandPublished: 3rd Feb 2011 | On Twitter: ?

A beautiful description of the joys of trees, forests and woods (at a time when the UK government is looking at selling off publicly owned forests).

You can read the post at:

Dear Barry Took

Blog: PTC*Published: 6th Feb 2011 | On Twitter: @petesy

In this post, Petesy is having a moan about weather services, but in the process gives a pretty good summary of what mountain weather information is available online (and their short comings). Bearing in mind I have only recently discovered MetCheck, I found the information useful!

You can read the post at:

Snowshoeing overnighter and Social Hiking test

Blog: Backpacking NorthPublished: 6th Feb 2011 | On Twitter: @bckpckingNorth

Purely selfish reasons for picking this one, but it is great to see a Social Hiking map embedded into a blog post to allow people to share your progress live.

You can read the post at:

Walking improves your memory

Blog: Deric Bownd’s MindblogPublished: 9th Feb 2011 | On Twitter: @DericBownds

This post gives a summary of the results from a scientific experiment carried out which demonstrates that walking improves memory for older adults. Great news for all hikers!

You can read the post at:


Here are a few other posts worth reading:

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