My favourite outdoor blog posts (wb 20 Feb 2011)

Here is my pick of my favourite outdoor-related blog posts from week beginning 20 Feb 2011.

Gear Talk: A Tale of Two Kuksas

Blog: Backpacking North | Published: 21st Feb 2011 | On Twitter:@bckpckingNorth

When I visited Lapland for my honeymoon, I fell in love with the Kuksas I used during our stay. Sadly my (now estranged) wife refused to let me buy one – and it is something that has bugged me every since. The other week, after a discussion on Twitter, I finally bought one –  one that I hope is a good one and not a poor imitation that he mentions.

In this post, Mark compares his real Kuksa with a new semi-artificial Kuksa.

You can read the post at:

Don’t look back in anger? Or my 1st munro

Blog: Walk with Tookie | Published: 22nd Oct 2010* | On Twitter: @tookiebunten

* for some reason it (and several of his posts) appeared in my feed on 25th Feb, so it still counts!)

I could have featured almost any of Tookie’s posts which mysteriously appeared in Google Reader this week, but this is my favourite. It is a detailed yarn, and I felt I was right there with him during the whole experience, but best of all is how he describes the feeling of getting to the top – so very similar to how I felt when I climbed my first mountain:

I was happier than a happy thing. I was a pig in mud. You get the idea? It was the same the first time I climbed the Merrick, my favourite hill. For me the feeling is indescribable. It is an awesome feeling. In the true sense of the word, AWEsome.

You can read the post at:

Walking into Suffolk – Colchester to Woodbridge

Blog: Walking For Trees | Published: 26th Feb 2011 | On Twitter: @walkingfortrees

I am thoroughly enjoying Andreas’ account of his trip around the coast of Britain (to raise money for Trees For Life charity). Partially because I am horribly jealous – I would love to be able to tackle the same challenge one day, but mainly because there is something captivating about his positivity and optimism.

You can read the post at:

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