1000 miles – an reflection on progress so far!

At the start of the year, I set out to try and walk at least 1000 miles throughout the year. Primarily the objective was to try and reconnect with the countryside and to get out and do as much walking as possible. Now, over two months in, I thought I would reflect on my progress so far.

As of today, I have walked 181 miles (almost 3 miles ahead of target). Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I was unable to do anything more than a few miles a day during January, so I quickly slipped behind. February was better, which a higher daily average and a few longer walks which brought me back on target. Yesterday’s long walk (and smaller pre-walk walk) put me ahead of target for the first time.

In some respects, the challenge is achieving what I had hoped – I am walking more and planning more frequent longer walks at weekends. On these longer walks, I have often been accompanied by both old and new friends – a very welcome and unexpected benefit!

The one thing that has not gone to plan though is this “re-connection” to the countryside. In fact as Tim (@ukjeeper – who is attempting a similar challenge) mentioned, there is even a danger that some walks become a chore.   Today was the first time this year where I felt I had a good enough lead over my target to just take the dog for a wander and enjoy the sunny spring afternoon – sure it was only 1.5 miles, but it was thoroughly enjoyable!

You may have spotted from the graph that, especially over the last few weeks, there have been  several occasions where there have been no walks for up to 3 days. During these times I have felt too busy to head out for a “proper walk” – which is ridiculous. I need to stop focusing on mileage completely – shorter, enjoyable, strolls during the week will soon add up, and with longer hikes over the weekend, I will still be able to achieve my goal and enjoy it!

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