My favourite outdoor blog posts (wb 28 Feb 2011)

Here is my pick of my favourite outdoor-related blog posts from week beginning 28 Feb 2011.

Incidental Music

Blog: PTC*Published: 1st March 2011 | On Twitter: @petesy

There are some absolutely stunning photos in this post about an overnight stay on  Beinn Narnain. Well worth checking out!

You can read the post at:

Torridon – The Kit

Blog: Helen’s Wondering Wanderings | Published: 4th March 2011 | On Twitter: @helenjfisher

It was fascinated reading Helen’s kit list from her trip to Torridon – she goes into great detail on all her kit, how she uses it, and her aspirations for new kit she has her eye on. I am still pretty much a novice when it comes to backpacking, so it is really helpful seeing in detail how someone else does it.

You can read the post at:

Great Links Tor via Tavy Cleave

Blog: BackpackingbongosPublished: 6th March 2011 | On Twitter: ?

Dartmoor is a very special place for me. My grandparents used to live in Plymouth, and every year we would spend two weeks in Devon, part of which would be spent in and around Dartmoor. When I was a bit older, I used to attend an annual cadets camp in Devon, and the highlight for me was always the day spent hiking on Dartmoor.

In this post there are some great photos that really capture the bleak charm of Dartmoor. It has been awhile since I lasted visited, and this post has convinced me a return trip is long overdue, so I will hopefully be heading down there for a few days hiking and camping in April.

You can read the post at:

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