Day-pack kit

On my last hike, a 16 mile loop around North Bedfordshire, I was pretty happy with my day-pack kit. I am sure that there is room for improvement though, so here is the complete list – I would appreciate any comments or suggestions!

  • Berghaus Freeflow 32 Light pack – not necessarily the perfect pack (it was an impulse buy on a small budget), but the size is about spot on, it is quite comfortable and has thus far lasted a fair bit of abuse.
  • Small LiFEVENTURE stuff sack – it is bright orange, so perfect for keeping my valuables dry and secure (usually contains some money, a bank card, charged PowerMonkey, house / car keys)
  • Waterproofs – Berghaus Packlite Shell Jacket and Berghaus deluge over trousers (I do not really like the trousers and they need reproofing!)
  • First aid kit – this is something I need to reorganise and restock to make it more useful
  • Warm clothing – fleece lined Lowe Alpine top, spare socks, neck scarf, beanie hat and thin clothes
  • Brew kit consisting of Primus EtaPackLite stove, gas canister (I could probably drop down to a smaller one), small bottle of milk, a KuksaLiFEVENTURE titanium spoon and a few tea bags
  • Dog stuff – extendible lead, Halti, clip (for hands-free lead work and useful during breaks), Orikaso plastic fold-able bowl and poo bags
  • Water – 2lt Source Clear bladder & 1lt bottle of water (easily used – I drink quite a lot walking, the dog always wants a drink at breaks and for making tea)
  • Food / snacks – mix of fruit, Snickers, Tracker bars and maybe some sandwiches
  • Tech – Olympus 790sw camera and Motorola Defy (both waterproof and dust proof – also carry an Aquapac in bad weather)

I should point out that this is for hiking in lowland countryside – I would take a bit more emergency kit when out in the hills (although I do want to add one of those emergency basic shelters for basic cover from the rain!).

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  1. It’s always interesting to see what other people carry, and with a dog too there are obvious differences. I was just wondering if you carry a map and compass or if you rely on viewranger for all your mapping? I usually carry an OS map in my pack and a small print out of the walk itself in an A5 Ortleib mapcase. As I don’t have a powermonkey I tend not to navigate using viewranger to conserve battery life, and to just use it to check if I’m where I think I am (useful towards the end of Saturday’s walk where you’ll see a spur on my map!)

  2. I usually don’t bother with a map in the flat lowlands, although at the weekend Viewranger completely crashed and had to be reinstalled before I continued my walk (fortunately I had a data connection), so from now on I will almost always take the map too!

    I usually take a compass too if going to harder to navigate and less populated areas.

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