My favourite outdoor blog posts (wb 14 March 2011)

Here is my pick of my favourite outdoor-related blog posts from week beginning 14 March 2011. There are quite a few posts this week that caught my attention, and it was pretty hard to get the list down to a manageable number!

Backpacking in the Arans

Blog: VoyagerPublished: 15th March 2011 | On Twitter: ?

I really enjoyed Ben’s write up and photos of his two day backpacking trip to Southern Snowdonia. Because of my location (Northamptonshire), Snowdona is the easiest mountainous area to get to, and I try to go as much as I can (although it has been over a year now :() – I love coming over the crest of a hill on the M54 when you get your first glance of the mountains on the horizon!

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My TGO Challenge 2011

Blog: Lightweight OutdoorsPublished: 15th March 2011 | On Twitter: @philoutdoors

In this post, Phil explains his choice of TGO Challenge 2011 route – following a classic drove route from the Isle of Skye to the cattle market in Crieff (with an extension to the coast). Whilst I enjoying walking almost anywhere, there is something very special about walking a route that has a connection with the past (in fact this is the main reason I choose Offa’s Dyke), and I am really glad Phil will be using Social Hiking so I can follow along with his adventure.

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Blood and failure

Blog: Summit and ValleyPublished: 17th March 2011 | On Twitter: @Rye1966

My heart goes out to Martin whose Cumbian Way charity walk ended on the first day with a trip to hospital – fortunately it sounds as if he is recovering well, and I look forward to reading how he gets on when he gives the Cumbrian Way another go in a few weeks. The incident also highlights that even in seemingly less dangerous environments accidents can happen. As I tend to walk on my own quite a lot, this had made me have a good think about backup plans should anything happen whilst I am out walking.

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Monadhliath’s Ring of Steel

Blog: Alan Sloman’s Big WalkPublished: 20th March 2011 | On Twitter: ?

In this post, Alan describes the rapid acceleration in wind power plant approvals in the Highlands of Scotland. Near where I live there are two proposed, fairly small, wind power plants – these will have a considerable effect on the surrounding countryside, however the local countryside is not unspoilt (for a start the M1 passes next to both sites!) – my local countryside can be peaceful and beautiful but ultimately there are not many places where you cannot see the footprint of man – buildings, roads, power lines etc. Putting the arguments about whether wind power is actually environmentally friendly or cost effective to one side, I do not think these local wind power plants will have much effect on my enjoyment of the local countryside. But the Highlands are different – you only have to look at the map on Alan’s post to see that this is unspoilt countryside which will irreversibly change should all these schemes go ahead.

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  1. Thanks for including me on your list.
    I have been reading your old posts abut Offas Dyke as that is where we are off to next.
    Cheers Ben

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