Day trip to Peak District this weekend!

Despite the Peak District only being a few hours away by car, I have never (in my adult life at least) walk there! This Saturday will be my chance to make amends with a day trip with my friend Ross (@chargingchimp).

I have spent the last few hours scouring the OS map, looking at routes online and reading blog posts, and I think I have come up with a half decent route!

Photo from yadniloc’s flickr photostream (some rights reserved)

The plan is to start in Wetton and head north up Wetton Hill, from there continuing past the disused mines, looping around Ecton Hill to join the Manifold Trail heading south. At Thors Cave, we will cut west then south heading towards Grindon.

From Grindon, we will go south east to rejoin the Manifold Trail, this time heading north. Finally cutting east at the footbridge near Ladyside Wood back to Wetton.

According to the route entered into ViewRanger, it should be about 10 miles with a height gain of roughly 1700 ft.

Fingers crossed for good weather, but it should be a good trip 🙂 (I will of course be using Social Hiking throughout!)

3 Replies to “Day trip to Peak District this weekend!”

  1. awww, you called me ‘friend’….

    you didn’t mention anything about going up hills. 10 miles and hill going upping too?

    Better order me another bar of chocolate 🙂

    Oh and K is looking unlikely now as she doesn’t want to sit in a car that “smells like dog” for 2 hours….

  2. Of course we are going up hills…. it is the Peak District… we can stay at home to walk a flat route!

    Is K surprised that a car used predominately to carry a muddy & wet dog smalls of dog?

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