My favourite outdoor blog posts (wb 21 March 2011)

The number of outdoor related blogs I now read is upto about 50 (and ever growing!). Here is my pick of my favourite posts from week beginning 21 March 2011.

hit the reset button

Blog: Adventure in ProgressPublished: 20th March 2011* | On Twitter:@advinprogress

* not strictly speaking published this week, but it somehow got missed last week (and anyway, my blog my rules ;))

This post really echos how I feel about hiking – this year’s 1000 mile challenge has forced me out for a longish walk every weekend, irrespective of work and other time constraints, and I feel mentally and physically better for it.

It occured to me a couple weeks ago while on the trail that our weekly hikes are like the reset button on our life. We often hit the trailhead a little wound up from the week’s hectic pace, sometimes burdened with stress and worry.
Adventure in Progress

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How lofty, sweet Afton, thy neighbouring hills

Blog: Walking with TookiePublished: 22nd March 2011 | On Twitter: @tookiebunten

As I subscribe to a lot of outdoor related feeds, I usually end up only skim reading walk accounts – however with Tookie’s writing style, you cannot help but get absorbed in sharing his adventure and joy on a recent explore of Glen Afton. Make a cup of tea and settle down for an enjoyable read!

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Icebreaker Mega Review

Blog: Steven HornerPublished: 23rd March 2011 | On Twitter: @stevenhorner

As the title suggests, this post is a mega review of Icebreaker base layers. I have had an Icebreaker top for the last year which I swear by, but I did not realise there was such much other clothing available, especially the boxers and hat. I find hiking underwear is make or break for an enjoyable trip, and I will definitely be getting myself a pair (although not sure I will be reviewing them – how exactly do you review base layer underwear in any depth?)!

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