Route planning for a trip to Dartmoor this weekend

As a kid I used to attend an annual cadet camp in Devon as a cadet leader (the main influence on my present day outdoor interests). The aim of the week was to get the younger kids through part of their Duke of Edinburgh, so there were class room based map exercises, an accompanied hike and camp on Exmoor, a night military navigation exercise (the highlight – think flares, finding contacts on dunes and ex-army personnel ‘hunting’ you!) and the main DofE hike and camp (usually along the coast). During the main walk the cadet leaders, who already had their DofE awards, had to be kept busy, so we usually ended up on Dartmoor. I have fond memories of bogs, magnetic rocks upsetting the compasses and getting lost in the fog (I knew where we were but no one listened!) – all these memories came flooding back yesterday after spending a few happy hours in the local pub with my Dartmoor OS map (OL28) planning some routes for this weekend.

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Review: Keen Men’s Targhee II Walking Shoes [updated]

Taking a break!

Hiking boots or walking shoes? Until recently I would have said hiking boots – I have a pair of much loved Brasher Supalite II GTX boots, which I wear on most hikes.  I also have an old pair of North Face waterproof shoes (now less waterproof) but, while they were convenient for dog walks, I found my ankles were left aching when I used them for longer distances. So what has changed? Well, I was recently sent a pair of Keen Targee II walking shoes to review by Webtogs, and over the last 100 miles I have learnt to love them!
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Putting together my hiking first aid kit

Whilst there are very few parts of the UK far from civilisation, I still think it is a very good idea to carry a basic first aid kit with you when out hiking. Not only does having a first aid kit mean that you can provide basic aid if a serious accident occurs (like stopping / reducing  bleeding etc) whilst you wait for the emergency services, it also means you can handle more minor injuries like strapping up a twisted ankle, or treating cuts and grazes.

I have recently put together a new first aid kit, and as a few people seemed interested, I thought I would do a brief write up of the process.

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