My favourite outdoor blog posts (wb 28 March 2011)

Here is my pick of my favourite outdoor-related posts from week beginning 28 March 2011.

Terra Nova Bothy Bag Review

Blog: PaddlingLight.comPublished: 30th March 2011 | On Twitter:@bryanhansel

Bothy – so that’s what they are called! I have been thinking for a while now about getting “a temporary, light, quick to pitch, shelter”, but was hindered by not knowing exactly what they are called. I do not exactly do much remote, adventurous stuff, but the idea of being able to have some kind of shelter to stay out of the rain during a break appeals to me!

This post reviews the Terra Nova bothy bag, and gives some good pointers of the things to out look for and consider when thinking of buying a bothy bag.

You can read the post at:

Tips for your first Packrafting trip

Blog: AlastairHumphreysPublished: 30th March 2011 | On Twitter:@Al_Humphreys

I can really see the appeal of packrafting, although I have never considered it much before – I just love the idea of a weekend trip, part hiking, part camping and part rafting. Even around here, the idea of a trip involving countryside hiking and rafting down the canal sounds great. This post gives a great introduction and some basic tips for your first packrafting trip.

You can read the post at:

Brigsteer Daffodils

Blog: Beating The BoundsPublished: 1st April 2011 | On Twitter: ?

For the last few weeks, I have been enjoying watching my local forest burst back into life as winter withdraws. I love the pictures in this post, which really expresses that spring feeling!

You can read the post at:

Webtogs offers bike delivery service to the green consumer

Blog: togblogPublished: 1st April 2011 | On Twitter: @webtogs

I did not really come across many April fools this year, but out of the ones I did see though, this is my clear favourite – the idea of three hard working Webtogs employees frantically delivering outdoor kit goodness to the people of Britain by bike is hilarious!

You can read the post at:

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