New kit!

Much to the annoyance of my local post office (I have parcels delivered there as I cannot hear the doorbell from my garden office!), I have had a few deliveries of new kit over the last few days.

First up is a North Face Men’s Apex Bionic Soft Shell Jacket, sent for review from Webtogs (the jacket on the left in the picture). Over the last year or so, I have really felt the absence of a soft shell jacket in my kit – for a lot of the walking I do, neither a fleece or a waterproof jacket have quite been right. I was hoping for a first use on Dartmoor this weekend, but judging by the weather forecast it is set to be a lovely weekend! (although I doubt the good weather will last!)

The jacket on the right is a Montane Extreme Smock, bought during @philoutdoors recent kit clearance at a bargain price. I do not really do much ‘extreme’ walking (none in fact), so this is not the jacket I would ever justify buying at full price. However I can see it coming in handy a few times a year, and it potentially opens up some new experiences, so I leapt on the chance to snap it up. The red tent peg is a bonus gift from Phil – “I’m a toilet trowel” – awesome 🙂 (I am hoping that it is as new as it looks though!)

The little box is a pair of Icebreaker Boxers (bought from Webtogs). I would potentially put underwear very high up my list of “most important kit”. When I first got back into walking, it took me several attempts to find something suitable – some M&S sport underwear  in the end- but these are now at the end of their life. After reading Steven Horner’s Mega Icebreaker Review, I was sold on the idea of Icebreaker underwear.

I am looking forward to getting out to use them all 🙂

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  1. I’ve been using the Extreme smock for the last two winters in Scotland. It is a brilliant bit of kit; lightweight but incredibly comfortable and with a superb protective hood. It also has served me well on winter walks to work and for winter astronomy. I too am looking for some merino underwear so it’ll be interesting to hear your feedback. Hope the upcoming trip goes well!

  2. Thanks Nick.

    I do love the hood! Hoping the smock will be useful to encourage me out walking on the occasions we get snow around here and for camping during winter (but at least now I have it should the opportunity arise for winter walking further afield!)

    Bit hesitant to do a full review of the underwear, but will certainly do an update on how I found them.

  3. I can see this weekend becoming a bit of a gear-off:
    1 New MSR XGK-EX stove
    1 New MSR Quick 2 System cooking set (plus Quick Skillet for bacon!)
    1 New pair Leki Trail Antishock walking poles
    1 New pair Rab Latok Alpine gaiters (seriously – how do you lose a pair of gaiters?!)
    1 ‘Nearly new but only been worn on the way to work’ Rab Baltoro Guide softshell
    1 ‘Not that new but only used once in a garden’ TNF Tadpole tent

    Although when that credit card bill arrives I think it’s going to break the doorstep…

  4. A cook set? Are you doing all the cooking then? 😉

    Look forward to seeing all your kit (although I will not be showing you the Icebreakers!)

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