My favourite outdoor blog posts (wb 11 April 2011)

Here is my pick of my favourite outdoor-related posts from week beginning 11 April 2011.

Rediscovering the fun

Blog: stewart smith photographyPublished: 12th April 2011 | On Twitter:@stewyphoto

I should not really be surprised that the outdoor blog of a photographer has amazing photos, but wow! This post, a write up of Stewart’s camp on the summit of  Haystacks, has some absolutely stunning photos!

You can read the post at:

Tick Prevention Week

Blog: togblogPublished: 14th April 2011 | On Twitter:@webtogs

Touch wood, but I have never been attacked by a tick. That said I still remember the day I was hiking with my dog in Cornwall a few years ago – we stopped before a hill ascent in a pretty wooded area when I spotted a horde of black dots climbing onto the dog. Later, back at the camp site, we removed 22 of the horrible things with a pen knife! Ever since I have always got a tick remover in my first aid kit.

This post has some great tips on looking after yourself (and you dog) when it comes to ticks.

You can read the post at:

Dehydrated Recipe: Chilli Con Carni

Blog: Andy Howell’s Walking & Trekking PagesPublished: 15th April 2011 | On Twitter:@Andrew_Howell

I have recently found myself edging closer and closer towards the idea of preparing my own dehydrated food – although I don’t think I am quite there yet! This post, from Andy Howell, has a recipe for chilli con carni which sounds like the perfect camping dinner, and has certainly pushed me a step closer!

You can read the post at:

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