My favourite outdoor blog posts (18th April 2011 – 8th May 2011)

For various reasons I am a little behind with my weekly list of my favourite outdoor related blog posts, so here is a bumper issue covering the three weeks from 18th April 2011.

Frankenstein ramble: Southport to Hove (rewind)

Blog: Walking Home to 50Published: 17th April 2011 | On Twitter: @Mister_Roy

Our reasons for where and why we walk are very personal. For the last three years Roy has been walking his own Long Distance Path from his birthtown (Southport) to where he lives now (Hove), interrupted part way through by a heart bypass operation. I first came across Roy after a Twitter chat about Edgehill – I had just walked there, and it was the next part of his journey. Ever since I has enjoyed (and been moved) by his journey, now completed. I look forward  to your next challenge Roy!

You can read the post at:

D’s first proper mountain

Blog: surfnslidePublished: 18th April 2011 | On Twitter: ?

Remember your first mountain? Mine was not that long ago – a few years in fact, but in this post Andy details his son’s first climb up a mountain! I can only imagine how magically it must have felt at the top!

You can read the post at:

Carn an Righ Wild Camp Part 1

Blog: Oh Inverted WorldPublished: 20th April 2011 | On Twitter: @Astronick

If I was honest, I barely read a word of this post – the photos (and there are plenty of them) are absolutely fantastic and I just flicked through the post soaking up the awesome views!

You can read the post at:

Who is the lamest of them all…?

Blog: Backpacking NorthPublished: 21st April 2011 | On Twitter: @bckpckingNorth

A hugely entertaining post looking at three of the most pointless outdoor kit money can buy! (now updated with poll results)

You can read the post at:

The Art of Outdoor Blogging

Blog: Hiking in FinlandPublished: April 2011 | On Twitter: @hendrikmorkel

In this post, Hendrik gives some great advice on how to write an outdoor blog (to be fair most of the advice applies to any kind of blog!). I disagree to an extent with his points about mobile optimization (each to their own I guess!) but otherwise all his advice is spot on and is well worth a read.

You can read the post at:

Celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Peak District National Park

Blog: terrybnd | Published: 6th May 2011 | On Twitter: @terrybnd

Terry has taken it upon himself to organise a social meet to celebrate the 60th anniversary  of the Peak District:

Fancy a social event? Meet and greet with like-minded folk, share stories, tips and opinions concerning all with backpacking or wild camping – as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Peak District National Park.

As well as meeting up with like-minded people and drinking in the conveniently nearby pub, there will also be folks from companies like Rab, Terra Nova, Chocolate Fish and Webtogs showing off their latest gear. I am looking forward to it already 🙂

You can read the post at:

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  1. Hi!
    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Glad the tale of my son’s first mountain has taken you back to your memories as well. I’ve added you to my blogroll and I need to take a look through your blog in detail

  2. Hi Gordon – unfortunately my workload increased so I didn’t have the time to keep up with the feeds. I will try and remember to do a few more (less regularly). I post most of blog posts I like on my twitter feed as well.

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