Kit spending spree (updated again)

With a trip to Snowdonia planned for next weekend (I say planned in the loosest possible sense – I have not actually planned any routes or where we are camping yet!), I have gone on a bit of an outdoor kit spending spree, inspired almost entirely by @PhilOutdoors kit list and videos from his TGO Challenge.


Rather than relying on ‘car camping’ food or Wayfarers (a mixed bag in my experience), I have decided to have a go with some freeze dried food, in particular a selection from the rather tasty looking range from Fuizion Freeze Dried Food.

I have gone for lamb tagine, all day breakfast and chilli con carne – to be supplemented with some posh supermarket muesli and some high energy snacks. £6.50 does seem quite a lot, but then Wayfarers is not exactly cheap either!

Lifeventure Mini Belt Pack

Although I feel like I am starting to get somewhere with how I pack and use my day-pack, I am also beginning to notice a few annoying things about my existing pack (a Berghaus Freeflow Light 32), in particular the lack of any pouches (or similar) on the waist strap. Until I make up my mind on my next pack (whether to get a smaller day-pack or a slightly bigger pack I can use for multi day trips), this belt pack (from Webtogs) will come in handy!

Dr Bronner – Organic Liquid Soap

This stuff (from sounds like a magic potion – I was amazed when I heard Phil describe it in his video as soap he cleans his teeth with! Basically it is a one stop solution to cleaning – you can clean yourself, your clothes, your teeth, and do your washing up! I went for the peppermint version, mainly because I am not sure I fancy the idea of cleaning my teeth with the tea tree one!

Gehwol Extra Foot Cream

Again this is something I first heard about in Phil’s video, later reinforced by @tookiebunten who got into the foot loving action on day 1 of The River Ayr Way. The cream (again from is the perfect remedy for tired and over walked feet, and it apparently prevents chafing and blisters!

Alpkit Trekkers (Socks)

I tend to just buy hiking socks, from the high street, as and when I feel like it without much thought to what I am buying, and the socks I have I neither love or hate (they are just socks!). So for a change I have picked out these Alpkit Trekkers to try.

Men’s 100 Khyber 1/4 Zip Fleece Top

On test from Webtogs, I am looking forward to giving this fleece (in ninja black) a go out on the mountains.

* * * UPDATE * * *

Montane Terra Pants

“Why does everyone head to the hills dressed as a ninja?”
(rough quote from Gareth at Webtogs)

My existing, now fairly worn, hiking trousers are green. Green does not go that well with vibrant colours – especially the berry Chocolate Fish base layer I have my eye on! So to solve the problem, I have decided to get a pair of the well recommended Montane Terra Pants.

* * * FURTHER UPDATE  * * *

Chocolate Fish Taranaki 190 Merino Baselayer Zipneck – Berry

As the Montane Terra pants fit great (I am amazed how light and comfy they are), I made my final kit purchase for a while – this delightful berry baselayer. I have heard some great things about the Chocolate Fish baselayers, so I am really looking forward to it arriving!


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