Praising online outdoor retailers

Over the last few days, I have ordered some outdoor goodies from a selection of online retailers. It would be unfair to ‘review’ the website and ordering process for each one, as they range from small businesses, to larger dedicated online stores, all the way up to large retail chains – each with a different budget and need for their website (and I managed to find, order and pay for the goods I wanted on all the sites!). The one thing they all have in common though is fantastic speed of service, especially from Webtogs, Alpkit and Chcolate Fish who do not charge extra for postage.

Here is the specific details of company, when the order was placed, the cost of postage, and when it was delivered:

Alpkit: ordered 3.15pm on 31 May, delivered on 2 June (free postage)

Webtogs: ordered 4pm on 31 May, delivered on 3 June (free postage)

Cotswold Outdoor: ordered  11am 1 June, delivered 3 June (£4.95 postage)

Backpacking Light: ordered 3.30pm 31 May, delivered 3 June (£3 postage)

Fuizion Freeze Dried Foods: ordered 5pm 31 May, expected delivery 4 June (£3.75 postage)

Chocolate Fish: ordered 1pm 3 June, despatched same day recorded delivery (free postage)

Damn it – ordering stuff online is just far too easy!

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  1. Thank you very much for letting people know there are on-line retailers doing their best to give good service to their customers. Much appreciated.

    PS. We are in the process of having a new website designed so please bear with the old one for a few weeks more.

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