My favourite outdoor blog posts in May (from 9th May)

My grand plan of blogging about my favourite blog posts on a weekly basis is gradually drifting into a monthly summary – still, here is a fairly sizeable list of my favourite outdoor related blog posts from May (well from 9th May)

Oh, bonny Scotland

Blog: DIE BEUTE(L)TIEREPublished: 17th May 2011 | On Twitter: @Beuteltiere

Basti tends to miss out on appearing in my favourite outdoor blog posts – mainly because neither my GCSE German nor Google Translate does his posts justice. This is a rare post in English describing his recent trip to Scotland.

You can read the post at:

Thoughts about threshold

Blog: Andy Howell’s Walking & Trekking PagesPublished: 18th May 2011 | On Twitter:@selfpwrd

I wish people would stop writing great posts about tarping… I am getting horribly tempted to give it a try! A thought provoking read from guest blogger David Lintern.

You can read the post at:

First Aid Advice from the Army Medic

Blog: Over the hills… & far awayPublished: 18th May 2011 | On Twitter:@60m2go

These gents, as part of their preparations to walk 60 miles in one go over South Downs for charity, spent a day with the Gurkhas. This post contains some excellent advice from an army medic on walking long distances.

You can read the post at:


Blog: surfnslidePublished: 22nd May 2011 | On Twitter: ?

I love waterfalls in forests – and this walk, illustrated with some great photos, has more waterfalls (in a forest) than I thought possible on a single walk. As fortune has it, I am heading off to Brecon Beacons in a few months, and this route will certainly be on my list!

You can read the post at:

Death to rain pants

Blog: Hiking in FinlandPublished: 25th May 2011 (approx) | On Twitter:@thunder_night

In this post, guest blogger Joe Newton argues that we should consider not packing waterproof trousers. I hate waterproof trousers – I find them uncomfortable, too hot and they usually leak anyway, yet I still always pack them. There are still times when packing them might be a good idea (see the comments), but certainly they will not be going in my pack by default in the future!

You can read the post at:

TGO Challenge 2011 Kit Thoughts – Parts 2 and 3

Blog: Lightweight OutdoorsPublished: 27th May 2011 | On Twitter:@PhilOutdoors

Phil’s videos are usually pretty awesome, but I found his TGO kit videos (part 1 is linked in the post) especially useful. Seeing how someone as experienced as Phil packs and the thought process behind each item has given me loads of great ideas. Well worth watching!

You can read the post at:

A year in the life of…

Blog: Helen’s Wondering WanderingsPublished: 31st May 2011 | On Twitter:@HelenJFisher

In this lovely post, Helen looks back at her first year of outdoor blogging and tweeting.

In this time my backpacking journey has been explored, analysed, experienced and relished. I’ve made some good friends, met some new people both in real life and many more online.

You can read the post at:

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  1. thx for the mention fella, very kind of you…felt like I was taking coals to newcastle on Andy’s Blog really! so I’m glad you enjoyed

  2. I also enjoyed Dave’s post about tarping and the different experience. If you do want to give it a try I can lend you a simple rectangular lightweight tarp.

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