Review: Men’s 100 Khyber 1/4 Zip Fleece Top

Men's 100 Khyber 1/4 Zip Fleece Top

>I have had this Men’s 100 Khyber 1/4 Zip fleece top for almost three months now. I have worn it on hills and in fields, on hot days and showery days, whilst onĀ campsitesĀ and in pubs – I have even worn it watching TV! North Face describe it as “soft, lightweight, breathable and stylish” and do you know what – it is all those things. I like it!

[Disclosure – this fleece was provided by Webtogs for me to keep and to give my own personal opinions on it and they have no influence on these views and no editorial control. Webtogs have a whole range of fleece tops available on their site]
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Brecon Beacons Day 1 – Corn Du, Pen y Fan, Cribyn and Fan y Big

Sheltering on Fan y Big

Whenever I am heading towards Wales there is always a point in the journey when everything seems better – after days on end of sitting in front of my computer working, my shoulders loosen, my mind clears and my mood lightens. It is the point in the journey when, after cresting yet another nondescript English hill, you suddenly see the hills and mountains of Wales laid out before you.

In this case I was driving down the A438 heading towards Brecon, on the edge of Brecon Beacons. It was the weekend of the annual Brecon Jazz festival which, in my younger days, I used to attend fairly regularly. This year I was combining spending some quality time with some old friends (and drinking the best homebrew brewed by my friend’s dad), with some much need quality time on the hills.

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I would rather be camping than working!

Yesterday I was presented with a lovely gift – a mug with "I would rather be camping than working – a bad day camping is better than a good day working".

This is particularly apt since, for the last month, I have spent the vast majority of my waking hours (including some where I should have been sleeping) stuck in my office working. Perhaps I should not be complaining that I have so much work, but I am really starting to suffer from the lack of exposure to the outdoors.

During the past few weeks I have barely made it out for a handful of dog walks, let alone any longer hikes or exciting trips, and I am currently a staggering 50 miles behind target on my aim to walk 1000 miles this year. I am not alone in finding the outdoors so recharging, but right now I am flashing "battery low"!

Fortunately, by a quirk of fate, the slight easing of work coincides with a long weekend to Brecon planned ages ago. Since pre University days I have infrequently met up with a group of friends for the Brecon Jazz Festival – this mainly involves sitting in the sun (at least I remember it always being sunny) and drinking my friend's dad's homebrew (which is amazing). This year I will be combining the friends and homebrew with hiking during the day and camping (not exactly wild camping… more garden camping… but that still counts!)

Hopefully I will return with batteries at least partially recharged so I can get cracking on all the outstanding blog posts, Social Hiking updates, and making a dent in that 50 mile deficit.

Friday will not come soon enough!