I would rather be camping than working!

Yesterday I was presented with a lovely gift – a mug with "I would rather be camping than working – a bad day camping is better than a good day working".

This is particularly apt since, for the last month, I have spent the vast majority of my waking hours (including some where I should have been sleeping) stuck in my office working. Perhaps I should not be complaining that I have so much work, but I am really starting to suffer from the lack of exposure to the outdoors.

During the past few weeks I have barely made it out for a handful of dog walks, let alone any longer hikes or exciting trips, and I am currently a staggering 50 miles behind target on my aim to walk 1000 miles this year. I am not alone in finding the outdoors so recharging, but right now I am flashing "battery low"!

Fortunately, by a quirk of fate, the slight easing of work coincides with a long weekend to Brecon planned ages ago. Since pre University days I have infrequently met up with a group of friends for the Brecon Jazz Festival – this mainly involves sitting in the sun (at least I remember it always being sunny) and drinking my friend's dad's homebrew (which is amazing). This year I will be combining the friends and homebrew with hiking during the day and camping (not exactly wild camping… more garden camping… but that still counts!)

Hopefully I will return with batteries at least partially recharged so I can get cracking on all the outstanding blog posts, Social Hiking updates, and making a dent in that 50 mile deficit.

Friday will not come soon enough!

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