Powermonkey Extreme Field Test – The Plan

As a Social Hiking addict, the biggest problem for me is battery life. Modern smart phones are getting cleverer and cleverer, but it seems that battery technology is not developing at the same pace. On a long day walk it is a struggle to keep my phone going without a power top up.


I am hoping the answer to my problems is the Powermonkey Extreme ( https://powertraveller.com/iwantsome/primatepower/powermonkeyextreme/) – a 9000mAH capacity lithium polymer battery which comes with a solar panel. I picked one up a month or so ago via Pilgrim Chris but I have not had much chance to use it much. According to their website the battery should charge a smart phone 6 times and the solar panel can fully recharge the powermonkey with 15 hours of “optimum” conditions. But I always take these official figures with a pinch of salt.

The proof is of course in the pudding, so I am going to use my week in Snowdonia as an opportunity to put the extreme through it’s paces. I am going to start out with the powermonkey extreme fully charged and two full batteries – the plan is to try and keep my phone going for as long as possible under normal hiking and camping conditions.

I will update here on how I get on…. if I have any battery left….

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  1. I am also a keen social walker and have owned a power monkey Emergency Charger for a couple of years. I carry it in a waterproof bag in my day bag just in case. Until today I have always been very pleased to know I have instant power should my GPS, phone or Mp3 player fail. In honesty I probably only charge it every couple of months but today checked it before a decent walk tomorrow not only found it completely flat but also I am unable to charge it.

    I dont think I will be able to resolve the problem and it looks like I will need to replace it.

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