Meeting social media legend @philcampbell

I have known Phil Campbell, in a Twitter sense, pretty much since I first started using ‘modern’ social media (he was the second person I followed on Twitter). Other than a very brief introduction a few years ago however, I have not actually met him face to face. This finally changed earlier this week when he invited me up to Nottingham for an interview about Social Hiking.

As a general rule, I am not sure it is possible for anyone to be an ‘expert’ in Social Media – it is such a vast and constantly changing landscape with a never ending variety of tools and uses for anyone to claim all encompassing expertise. That said, Phil certainly knows his social media stuff.

Rather than me ramble on, this video is an interview Phil has recently done with Robert Scoble about his fibrecamp and imwithphil projects at blogworld expo in New York.

Phil has got a huge energy and passion towards helping everyone use technology tools, especially social media, for the benefit of our communities and society as a whole and to challenge the norm. His original interest in Social Hiking is for his  meetdotdot project, where he will be sharing media as he travels between his caravan in the countryside into town and other journeys on an electric bike. However some of the ideas coming out from our chat on both features for the site and how the general concept of mapping media in the context of an overall route are pretty damn exciting. Phil has very kindly offered to sponsor some of the development work that is coming soon, and the ideas factory is very much in production, so it is going to be an interesting few months ahead.

the main thing about social hiking is that the creator and advocates of the service are getting true real world value back into the daily analog world we frequent away from our computers and smartphones.  yes, we have to update and take photos and take time out for a moment to capture but we are connecting those people who cannot be with us in the physical and often remote to take part in an exchange of an experience.  inspiring others to get outside, away from the desktop.

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