Who is sharing your adventure with you?

Photographer John Butterill discovered a way he, and subsequently other photographers from around the globe, could share photo walks using Google+ hangouts to bring the world to people bed-ridden from Multiple Sclerosis and other illnesses.

As Avinash Kaushik put it when he shared this video on Google+:  “I think we underestimate the impact of technology… Technology has an incredible power to make all of our lives better”.

This powerful video really hit a cord with me. I had my first Multiple Sclerosis relapse the week I returned from Offa’s Dyke in 2010, the first live use of what later became Social Hiking. Although I am still mobile, it has always been in the back of my mind that one day I might not be able to go hiking and enjoy the outdoors. This has driven the development of Social Hiking to not just be for the people sharing their adventures, but for the people sharing in those adventures.

So let me ask you – who is sharing your adventure with you?

What you are able to share might have more of an effect on others than you realise!

If you are interested in doing a photo walk hangout, you can find out more at http://www.virtualphotowalks.org/ (and you can find Virtual Photo Walks on G+). As well as Google+ hangouts, you can also try other services like Bambuser (live video streaming from your mobile) or Audioboo (for audio sharing from your mobile).

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