Want to take part in an Ordnance Survey Workshop (and free on 27th November)?

On Thursday, I trundled down to London to take part in an Ordnance Survey Workshop, an opportunity to give my opinion on all things relating to OS and mapping. Unfortunately I cannot talk about anything I saw or that was discussed (due to confidentiality), but it was certainly an interesting and insightful experience. There is another workshop next week, and they are looking for  participants who do outdoor activities recreationally to take part.

Recruiting for an Ordnance Survey Workshop on Wed 27th November


The workshop will be held in a Central London location, and we would like for you to arrive at 6pm for the session to begin at 6.16pm. The session should finish at approx. 8.30pm.

You will be reimbursed £80 plus up to £20 travel to taking the time to attend the workshop.

Please email: julia@freestak.com with a paragraph telling her about yourself: how you use maps in the outdoors, what activities you take part in, whether you have a blog/twitter asap. Spaces are limited.

[image is a screenshot of OS Openspace]

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