Social Hiking 4 MS – a social, hiking mountains, in aid of MS Society

Earlier in the year, I came across an article in the MS Society magazine about an annual event where a bunch of people climb some mountains to raise money to help support people affected by Multiple Sclerosis. As I have not done much fundraising in a while, I cut the article out and put it in my in-tray for future consideration, then promptly forgot about it…. until a few weeks ago.

As I re-read the article, it occurred to me that I happen to know a bunch of people who like walking, especially mountains- wouldn’t it be brilliant if we could get together, hike some peaks, raise some money, and have some fun?

Turns out quite a few of you agree! 🙂

The event is 10 in 10 ( 10 peaks in 10 hours (there is also a smaller 5 in 5 – 5 peaks in 5 hours), and is being held on Saturday 21st June starting at Scarfell Hotel in Borrowdale, Lake District.

The routes are yet to be confirmed for 2014, but last year’s routes are available to download [UPDATE: a guestimate of the route, based on the confirmed peaks is embedded at the bottom of this post]

I would very much like you to join me! Both social Hikers and other friends.

The rough plan will be arrive in the Lake District on Friday, few drinks Friday evening (not many though as it is an early start!), walk mountains, drinks in the evening to celebrate, and perhaps a wander on Sunday before heading home.

If you would like to take part with me, the first step is to register (there is £25 registration fee) – places are limited so do not delay! Once you have registered, let me know, and I will coordinate the finer details with everyone (depending on numbers we may need to split into teams, and there are things like whether to have a single online donation page and whether to have celebrative polo shirts etc)

Why support the MS Society?

Back in April 2011, I walked Offa’s Dyke with my good friend Alex (@winkysmileyface) (a 177 mile National Trail) in aid of MS Society after a family member was diagnosed with MS. During the challenge, as I talked to people about the condition, it moved me just how many people’s lives have been affected by MS, not just those with the condition, but their friends and family. It was for this walk that Social Hiking was originally built for (view the map)!

Alex and I at the start of Offa's Dyke

After completing the challenge, I began to experience odd symptoms. After a physical problem was ruled out, I was sent for a MRI scan and diagnosed with ‘clinically isolated syndrome’ – a single attack on the central nervous system. After a second attack in November, and another MRI scan, I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS. Living with MS is unpredictable and has been described as being a bit like going on a rollercoaster: blindfolded – you have no idea what is coming, you cannot get off, and sometimes it is going to be scary and sometimes a relief.

MS is an autoimmune disorder which affects the central nervous system, caused by the immune system attacking the protective sheath surrounding nerve fibres. MS is unpredictable, and symptoms vary from person to person, but can include problems with balance, fatigue, numbness, visual problems and muscle stiffness or spasms, and in some cases can lead to severe and permanent disability. MS can be a difficult lengthy process to diagnose, but it is the most common disabling neurological condition affecting young adults – around 100,000 people in the UK have the condition. It is complex and unpredictable – there is no cure, and treatments that are available are effective in only certain cases for some of the time. Thus far, with a few adaptations, my everyday life is mostly unaffected by the condition.

Find out more about the work MS and the MS Society at

It would mean the world to me if you were able to join me on Saturday 21st June to walk some mountains in aid of MS Societyregister now for 10 in 10 or 5 in 5.

People provisionally taking part with me so far (shout if I have missed you out!):

  • Rich @FlintyRich [registered]
  • Pete @NaturistAtheist
  • Gina @CumbrianBlondie [registered]
  • Dave @Kendalskintcake [registered]
  • Rik @richardhubbuck [registered]
  • Tim @ukjeeper
  • Andy @mixedupmessedup [registered]
  • Paul @prb43 [registered]
  • Sian @MrsSianB [registered]
  • Kate @divescidiva [registered]
  • Nina @smirnieoutdoors
  • Chris @pilgrimchris
  • John @thejester1970
  • Barney @barneythebear
  • Simon @ChurchGreenFoto
  • Me @daylightgambler [registered]
  • Ria @walkhikeaholic
  • Adrian @turbostream [registered]

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