Team Social Hiking taking part in 10 in 10: not too late to join us!

On 21st June, a group of Social Hikers and other friends are taking part with me in the 10 in 10 challenge – hiking 10 peaks in the Lake District in 10 hours in aid of MS Society.

So far there are 13 of us registered (and a few more maybes), and it is not too late to join us – there are still places on the challenge available, and I would love it if you would join us.

10 in 10 is taking starting from Scarfell Hotel in Borrowdale, Lake District, and I have shared a video about the event on this post. The final route has not been published yet, but based on the peaks it is due to include it will be something like this:

So far confirmed and registered we have myself (@DaylightGambler), Rich (@FlintyRich), Gina (@CumbrianBlondie), Dave (@Kendalskintcake), Rik (@richardhubbuck), Andy (@mixedupmessedup), Paul (@prb43), Sian (@MrsSianB), Kate (@divescidiva), Adrian (@turbostream), Gary (@Northlakesuk), Matthew (@hillplodder), Paul (@paulgbuck) and Shaun (@shaunbades). Thank you everyone for signing up to take part – it really means a lot to me.

On the maybe list is: Pete (@NaturistAtheist), Tim (@ukjeeper), Nina (@smirnieoutdoors), Chris (@pilgrimchris), John (@thejester1970), Barney (@barneythebear), Simon (@ChurchGreenFoto), Ria (@walkhikeaholic), Rose (@RucksackRose) and Julian. I am really hoping everyone can join us, although you need to think about registering soon as places are starting to fill up!

If you are interested in joining us  – then please get in touch on Twitter. Our group has a mix of abilities, from mountain regulars to occasional countryside walkers. It is going to be a fantastic social weekend, with the added benefit that the money raised will help a good cause.

Kate and I started our training yesterday with a wander around the Chilterns (blog post to follow) – we were also join by Rich although, with the TGO Challenge in April, I am not sure he needs the training! As it stands at the moment, I am a bit scared – even 10 miles on gentle undulations took it out of me (I slept for 11 hours last night!), but we have a few more more mountainous trips planned before now and June.

I will be emailing everyone in the team registered so far sometime in the week so we can get the ball rolling on fundraising, sorting accommodation etc.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  MS is an autoimmune disorder which affects the central nervous system, caused by the immune system attacking the protective sheath surrounding nerve fibres. MS is unpredictable, and symptoms vary from person to person, but can include problems with balance, fatigue, numbness, visual problems and muscle stiffness or spasms, and in some cases can lead to severe and permanent disability. MS can be a difficult lengthy process to diagnose, but it is the most common disabling neurological condition affecting young adults – around 100,000 people in the UK have the condition. It is complex and unpredictable – there is no cure, and treatments that are available are effective in only certain cases for some of the time. Thus far, with a few adaptations, my everyday life is mostly unaffected by the condition.

Find out more about the work MS and the MS Society at

It would mean the world to me if you were able to join us on Saturday 21st June to walk some mountains in aid of MS Society – register now for 10 in 10

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