A challenge for the MS Society digital team….. join us for 5 in 5 next year?

Like all good ideas (and indeed most bad ones, but we will forget about those), this occurred to me over a beer.

I was chatting to Simon Moran (I think that was him anyway), the MS Society Regional Fundraising Coordinator for the North, after the 10in10 event. I was praising the people behind the MS Society twitter account – @mssocietyuk (essentially their digital team) who, whilst we have had our occasional (friendly I hope?) clashes (for example me pointing out that asking people to follow an Instagram account that follows noone is not exactly ‘social’), are generally a brilliant example of how an organisation can use corporate social media accounts in a personal, friendly and social way, yet still getting the corporate message across.  I also always use them as an example of when it is acceptable to have social media feeds as a key section of your homepage (certainly not when you just tweet your news stories).

During the conversation with Simon, he ask me who I saw as my main fundraising contact (and indeed contact generally) at MS Society…. my answer…. ‘the twitter account’. With the exception of the society magazine I briefly skim read (trying to avoid looking at the wheelchair related adverts), all my contact with MS Society is with the faceless digital team. By ‘faceless’ I do not mean there is no personality, there definitely is (I am still smiling from this tweet from early June). I just mean I have no idea who they are – for all I know it is a single person with loads of monitors permanently jacked into the social web!

So… this idea…. wouldn’t it be brilliant if some (or all) of the MS Society digital team took part in 5 in 5 next year with me?*

(* 5 peaks in 5 hours-ish which is part of 10 in 10 event – either as part of Team Social Hiking or as their own team but still doing the walk with me. I don’t want anyone to think this is a cheap ploy for on-the-sly endorsement of Social Hiking – it isn’t)

Team Social Hiking on 5in5

Team Social Hiking on 5 in 5 2014 – look how smiley they are! (photo thanks to @paulgbuck)

and if the thought of doing a walk in the Lake District with me is not sufficient reason to accept this challenge (what it isn’t? oh ok 🙁 ), you will also be spending the weekend walking and socialising with a bunch of Social Hikers who are some of the most active users of social media, not too mention some of the best amateur digital content creators and sharers (bloggers, photographers, podcasters and video creators).  Their collective knowledge and experience is immense. They are also fun.

and of course, there are all the other participants, all fundraising for MS Society (and the organiser was the MS Fundraiser of The Year last year!)…

and of course, you will yourselves be fundraising for MS Society to help find a cure…

and just think of all the stories and photos you will be able to share of the training, the preparation, the event itself, the blisters, the aches and pains and the ultimate success of completing the challenge…

and just think of how much awareness it could generate for fundraising for MS Society generally, the 10in10 event specifically, and the MS Society as a whole…

and it will be fun….

In fact I cannot think of a single reason why this is a bad idea…..

So MS Society digital team – I hereby formerly challenge you to join me next year on the 5 in 5 on 27th June 2015

Up for it?

Love Phil

[PS I hope I am not now off the Christmas card list]

Team Social Hikinh

Some of the team celebrating after completing 10 in 10 and 5 in 5 2014

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