Some of the best walks in the UK (my entry came first!)

Back in July, several outdoor bloggers and writers were approached by the outdoor retailer Field And Trek to submit their favourite walk in the UK. I nearly did not bother until I remembered the fantastic waterfall walk I did back in 2011 in the Breacon Beacons. It is a forest river walk with a difference, as both rivers are crammed full of waterfalls, including Sgwd yr Eira which you can usually walk behind! Rivers in a forest with waterfalls, the chance to feel the spray on your face, some nice views as you drop down to Pontneddfechan, a convenient pub halfway and even a chance for a quick outdoor swim – it is my idea of the perfect walk! [I would also once again like to thank surfnslide, who originally shared the route on his blog and inspired me to pay the area a visit in the first place]

Unbelievably, despite some brilliant entries from the likes of Keith Foskett, Tristan Gooley,  and Catherine Redfern, my entry won!

Field And Trek have put together this info-graphic detailing the route (using my Social Hiking map for photos and their locations), as well as all the other entries (click on the image to enlarge) – you can view the original at

17 Top UK walks


The entries cover lots of different parts of the country, from the south coast, to Snowdonia, to Yorkshire and up to Scotland – you can read all the entries at Congratulations to every one who took part -it is a great selection of walks.

Here is the Social Hiking map for my entry:

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  1. Hi Phil, I have an ongoing list of walks / treks I’d like to do and would add all these walks to that list (well, not the one I contributed of course!). Your walk does look a great one – congrats on nomination. I often think I could do with a year off to just get a few long hikes under my belt 🙂

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