Eat, sleep, work – repeat

You may have noticed that things have been pretty quiet on this blog for the last few months. I am in the middle of a large work project and it is quite frankly proving difficult, after long and repeated days in front of a computer screen, to conjure up any interest to turn the damn thing on for the handful of leisure hours I have!

Sadly the work load is also keeping me from the outdoors far more than I would like. Other than an enjoyable (albeit damaging) snowy weekend on Dartmoor in January with some of the lovely Social Hikers (blog post pending), I have had to content myself with shorter local walks with the dog (and once with the horses). The dog is happy about it though – her mountain days are sadly behind her, but she still loves a good walk. In fact my daily lunchtime walks with her, only a mile around a local field, is a lifeline for me – a fleeting moment of outdoor time to clear my head from the lines of code.

Sheltering from the snow on Dartmoor

I am very conscious how important it is for me not to overdo it at times like these – neither my back (which is not a fan of long hours in front of a computer) nor my MS (a fan of resting, sleeping and eating properly) will thank me if I push too hard and cross that invisible line, so relaxation has become my other lifeline. I have been listening to a lot of audiobooks (working my way through The Song of Fire and Ice series again) and reading – a mixture of fiction (currently Lucifer’s Abbey – set on Dartmoor) and non-fiction (mostly various guides to Dartmoor). I have also just received a copy of ‘Between the Sunset and the Sea’ by Simon Ingram, a view of 16 British mountains, which I am looking forward to tucking into and, at least partially, sating my need for the outdoors.

Between the Sunset and the Sea

It is frustrating that, unlike last year, I am healthy enough to get outdoors yet still unable to do so, but there is at least light at the end of the tunnel. I have a walk planned this weekend with Social Hikers Rik, Adrian, Graeme and Kate – possibly walking part of the Northamptonshire Round near my local Salcey Forest. In May, at the end of this project, I am hoping to get a week off to head down to Dartmoor for some much needed Tor-therapy, and in June there is the possibility of a trip to (the glorious) Peak District before the 10in10 challenge at the end of the month in the Lake District.

Northamptonshire Round

The 10in10 is an annual challenge to hike 10 peaks in the Lake District in 10 hours in aid of MS Society (or the smaller but still tough challenge of 5 peaks in 5 hours). I had to pull out last year due to injury, but I am hoping to take part this year along with a team of Social Hikers (oh and it is not too late to join us!!)

Team Social Hiking 2014
[photo credit – @wellycath]

I suppose amongst all that, I should really try and get caught up a bit with my blog posts…. I think I got as far as day 3 of my week in Dartmoor in September……..

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