The long goodbye…

I remember it was bloody cold – minus 4 according to the car just before Alex (my very good friend @winkysmileyface), my dog and I bedded down for the night in a campsite just across the road from a pub somewhere in the North Downs. Despite the cold I was buzzing – hours before, whilst we sat in the warm pub over a pint and some dinner, I had pulled out my old net-book and loaded up a website that had the route we had walked that day, on a Google map, as well a few markers for some tweets and twitpics I had shared. It was 20th February 2010, and I had just shared the first Social Hiking map.

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Using Social Hiking on a hike: a personal example

On my most recent hike, with Rich (@FlintyRich), I decided to record a series of mini-podcasts talking about how I actually use Social Hiking when out on a hike.

The podcasts cover a range of topics: starting a walk and switching on location source (and what Social Hiking does when you start sharing location), setting a map title using Twitter, adding media to your map, automatic peak bagging, tweeting with context to your hike, changing a map icon using Twitter and uploading gpx files and photos when you get home.

The main point I wanted to get across is that I did not need to visit the Social Hiking website  at all throughout the day, I just used the apps and social media sites I would usually use to share thoughts, photos and audio on the walk, and Social Hiking has then compiled it all to create a live updating, media rich, map to help me share my adventure. Simples.

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