What I learnt doing a long distance hike with a dog

Before Offa’s Dyke, I wrote a blog post on the kit I was planning to take with me for my dog (you can read it here: http://www.mycountryside.org.uk/2010/02/15/the-weight-penalty-of-hiking-with-a-dog/). A comment today from Hilke has reminded me that I never really followed up on what I learnt from doing a long distance hike with a dog.

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Review: Orikaso folding plate/bowl/cup [updated]

Orikaso (meaning “to fold plastic”) are lightweight flat pack folding cups, bowls and plates made from Polypropylene.

During my two week Offa’s Dyke hike, I found two sets of Orikaso an absolutely ideal solution for both me and the dog (using the plate for food, and the bowl for water). Orikaso are lightweight, durable and really easy to clean – available in red, blue and green sets, they are a bargain at £2.99 per set on Amazon.

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Angel – a hiking dog’s story

Throughout the build up of this challenge I haven’t really talked much about my dog. Angel is a German Shepherd re-homed from Wood Green Animal Shelter in March 2007. Her exact age is unknown, but she is approximately 5 or 6 years old.

When I first met her at Wood Green I fell instantly in love with her. Although she was pacing up and down in her cage (like a trapped tiger) and barely had any time for me, there was just something about her I liked.

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The weight penalty of hiking with a dog

Now I have started putting together my kit for Offa’s Dyke, it has occurred to me that there is something fairly fundamental that I have completely failed to take into account… my dog.

Now I wouldn’t even think about going on a walk without my dog, let alone a trip like this – but I had not really thought about the implications, in terms of weight to carry, that having my dog with me would have.

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Dogs and sheep / lamb worrying

Sheep in a field in Northamptonshire

Due to individual availability, the planned time of year when we plan to embark on our charity Offa’s Dyke challenge is early to mid April. As this is during the lambing season, it has been bothering me what impact we, and especially my dog, will have during this important time of year for sheep farmers.

In this post I will cover a few of the issues relating to sheep worrying (although it also applies to other livestock), what the problem is, what damage can be done, where the law stands, the consequences to farmers, and what can be done by dog walkers to reduce the impact on sheep during lambing season.

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