Walking barefoot

The end of the barefoot walk

During today’s BBC Countryfile programme, there was an interesting feature on Edgar Brown – a man who enjoys walking in the countryside with no shoes and socks on.

Now this captured my imagination – as a child I loved nothing better than walking through the fields around our house barefoot, taking in all the sensations and feelings. Even to this day, I enjoy walking barefoot through dry grass and across sandy beaches.

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Circular walk from Hartwell via Grafton Regis and Stoke Bruerne

The White Hart - Grafton Regis

This was a filler walk, so I won’t go into too much detail. The walk goes from Hartwell, via Salcey Forest and the tip of Long Street Hanslope to Grafton Regis – with a slight detour to make sure we didn’t get to the pub before opening!

After a lovely lunch at The White Hart, we followed the canal, up the locks, to Stoke Bruerne. After another pint, we visited the entrance to Blisworth tunnel (since when did it become a tourist attraction?) and then made our way, across the fields, back to Hartwell via Roade – ending in the Rose and Crown in Hartwell for a final pint!

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Walking and camping on Cannock Chase (the return)

Cannock Chase is an Area of Outstanding Natural BeautyA business meeting in Cannock gave me the opportunity to fit in the walk around Cannock Chase I have been wanting to do. The meeting was on Monday, so the plan was to come up on Saturday, stay at the Camping and Caravanning Cannock Chase camp site Saturday and Sunday nights, and do a full day walk on the Sunday.

The walk has the following highlights: Castle Ring, RAF Hednesford, Katyn Memorial, Glacial Boulder, Sherbrook Valley, Shugborough Park, Essex Bridge, and Wolseley Arms.

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Sorbothane double strike replacement insoles – the solution to sore feet?

Sorbothane Shock Stopper Double Strike Replacement InsolesOnce my body had adjusted to the amount of walking I have started doing since Christmas, I can just about walk 20 miles or so without feeling too much discomfort in my limbs, muscles etc. The same cannot be said about my feet however – after 10 miles or so the heels and ball areas of my feet start to become uncomfortable, and after 15 miles complete agony.

So, after a bit of research on the internet (see this topic on the rambler forum, and this post on the Outdoor Scotland Blog), I decided to buy a pair of Sorbothane double strike replacement insoles.

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Circular walk from Napton-on-the-Hill via Priors Hardwick, Byfield, Hellidon and Shuckburgh

View across the fields to Boddington ReservoirA very pleasant 19 mile walk through the East Warwickshire and West Northamptonshire hills – The walk starts at Napton-on-the-Hill, and goes through Marston Doles, Priors Hardwick, Byfield and Hellidon. Pub stops were at The Cross Tree at Byfield and The Bridge at Napton. Other features include Shuckburgh Park and the watershed!

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