It is not size that counts…

During the build up to Offa’s Dyke, Phil Turner (@Lightw8Outdoors) was very helpful with advice on how to lighten our backpacks (I think he was horrified how heavy they were going to be!)

In the end we managed to get our backpacks down to a non-horrific weight, about 15kg each – but this is how the master does it:

TGO Challenge 2010 – Unpacking from Phil Turner on Vimeo.

Phil has threaten to spend a weekend with me at some point to show me the ways of the light backpacker and to try and sway me from my “comfy camping” ways! I look forward to it!

You can find out more about Phil’s TGO Challenge 2010 (crossing Scotland coast to coast in 11 days) on his blog:

Help needed in choosing a hiking / backpacking tent

What backpacking tent to choice is proving confusing

I don’t really know very much about tents – I have owned three over the years, but they were all pretty much impulse buys.

I know even less about backpacking / hiking / expedition tents – I am assuming that being light and compact is important, but beyond that I haven’t got a clue!

Hopefully that is where you come in! This is an open invitation for suggestions and recommendations on what hiking tent I should get for Offa’s Dyke.

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