Introducing Social Hiking – a publicly usable version of my Offa’s Dyke route app

Back in March I posted about an online route mapping and social media tool I had create to share our challenge of walking Offa’s Dyke with as many people as possible.

The app was a great success – we found we had a regular group of people following our progress and interacting with us (which really helped out motivation). We were also getting links to local information and history, met a friend of a follower who lived on the route, and most amazingly of all had a surprise visit from a friend who has tracked us down using the map on her iPhone.

After a fair bit of demand, I have finally got around to creating a publicly usable version of the app called Social Hiking.

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Online route mapping and social media whilst hiking – sharing the adventure!

Although I love the peace and tranquility of hiking around Britain, I also really enjoy sharing the experience online via social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

For Offa’s Dyke however, I really wanted to do something special to let friends, family and other interested parties, feel part in our adventure.

So I created this: – this example shows our 17 mile walk in the Surrey Hills. This post explains what the app does and how, fairly non-technically, it works.

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Offa’s Dyke National Trail GPS Data

Having just received all the Viewranger OS (Ordnance Survey) maps for the Offa’s Dyke National Trail on my N95 mobile phone, I decided to make a start creating the GPS routes in Viewranger to get a better feel for the trail.

I have broken down the trail into the same legs used in The National Trail Guides (in reverse from North to South) – these will probably not be how we walk the route – but is a good starting point.

You can download the GPS data for each leg from the table below. I have also given the length, height gain / loss and maximum height for each leg.

UPDATE: Due to the blog move, these files are no longer available to download – if you would like to receive them, please use the contact form at the bottom.

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